Corporate and Personal International Money Transfers

Forex Trading Floors offer highly competitive, professional Corporate and Personal International Money Transfers.

We offer highly competitive exchange rates and a professional but personal and secure service with NO COMMISSIONS.

Whether you are making personal or business international money transfers, Forex Trading Floors can conduct the transaction for you quickly and easily.

We offer

• Live bank beating exchange rates.
• The ability to manage your own account and decide when onward currency transfers are made.
• Personal Account Manager
• Limit Orders. This gives you option and peace of mind to transact at a pre-set level.
• All major currencies.
• All client funds are secure and held in your own segregated client account which only you have access.
• 5 minute account setup

Transfer options are available with easy on-line transfers or a phone call to a member of our friendly professional dealing desk.

Whether you purchase items from abroad, emigrating, or simply exchanging currencies we can help.

For Corporate Clients

Any business trading worldwide has to consider how they can reduce exchange rate risk. As currency markets are a rapid and unpredictable environment and without an appropriate risk management plan in place, they can be immensely costly.

In these days when margins are increasingly becoming tighter and tighter it is wise to protect your profits and reduce your risks.

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