How to Trade - Fundamentals (News)


At Forex Trading Floors Learn to Trade we as technical traders get all the information on fundamentals from the charts. At Forex Trading Floors Learn to Trade we trade what we see on the charts and avoid trading during news announcements. It is very important to know when news announcements are due to be released so we can avoid being in an intraday trade during this period.

Forex Trading Floors pick an economic calendar and look at it regularly – every Monday you should review the week ahead.

Focus on the Primary Important Indicators first (normally flagged RED)

It is generally the difference between the Expectations and Actual result that cause large movements in price.

The expectation of the news release is already factored into the current price.

o If the news release meets its expectations expect little movement in price.

o If the news release is radically different from expectations expect a large movement in price.

Pay attention to news Amendments – this can change everything quickly…(possible revisions up to 48 hrs after initial release)

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