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Not much happening on todays on the Forex Trading Floors Chat webinar. With the problems in the US at the moment the markets have become very

unpredictable for us trading the short time frames.  Nevertheless I managed

to get three entries into the market this morning, one on USD/AUD and two

entry’s on the EUR/USD.

As mentioned during the Forex Trading Floors webinar I am currently using a very aggressive stop

management and I used a 5 pip trailing stop for all three trades.  I think

this was a good choice as this method protected my accounts ending the day only 2 pips down.

 Our AUD/USD trade closed at breakeven after getting off to a good start but

price lost momentum and reversed to my stop.  I then took two attempts to go long the EUR/USD losing two pips on the first attempt and break even on the second.  The overall direction was correct on the two EURO trades as price bounced on the stop and went on to hit target comfortably.

 James sends his apologies for not being able to be present today and hopefully will be back with us next week.

Hope you all have a great day and thank you for attending our Webinar and see you all again next week.




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