Forex Trading Floors Webinar


Forex Trading Floors Webinar

Today on Forex Trading Floors Webinar we took 5 trades in EUR/YEN, EUR/USD
The first 3 trades we were looking for YEN to breakout above its range for
a swing trade around 15 pips. All 3 trades got over 10 pips and profit but
unfortunately reversed before hitting targets leaving us around BE.
Eventually our persistence paid off when it clearly broke above the range
and we traded the pullback nicely for 10 pips.

The last trade was taken on the EUR/USD, where we were looking to fade the
climactic channel up from the morning. Unfortunately our aggressive entry
was slightly too early and got taken out for 5 pips.

All in all we had plenty of opportunities, with 3 near misses due to lower
than expected volatility. The market seems to be picking up and look
forward to the rest of the week.
If you would like to attend our Forex Trading Floors Webinar on a wednesday please email us at : and we will send you the link.



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