Trading Academy Outside London


There is nowhere that traders can meet other traders and trade alongside them in a professional environment without paying extortionate London prices. The director of Forex Trading Floors Andy Argent, faced this problem after leaving the busy trading floors of London to trade from his office at home.

There seemed to be little option for people who wanted to trade their own account without paying pricy membership charges. There are plenty of prop trading floors, or trading academies in London which charge in the region of £1000 a month just for a desk, but Andy wanted to create a true trading academy where experienced traders could benefit from the community and beginners could learn to trade the markets without it costing the earth. 

He therefore created his own trading academy with over 21 trading stations, offering various levels of membership suiting both the amateur and professional trader. The trading academy offers a professional friendly community for all types of traders who wish to trade their own accounts, from private fund managers to traders who run a small business alongside trading to absolute beginners.

Just eight months after inception this is exactly what he has done. Determined to give members not only a great place to trade but also fantastic value for money has meant that this trading academy really is one of a kind.

Membership starts at just £199 + VAT per month, which entitles you to a large single monitor to plug your laptop into giving you a double screen set up. This is perfect for beginners or traders who can only trade from the academy a few days a week due to work commitments.

There are also two alternative packages for full time/ professional traders; The 'Advanced' trader package is £299+ VAT per calendar month. This package comes with a three-screen setup, a computer specially built to handle trading and a private desk. The 'Professional' station, which is £420 +VAT per month, is perfect for someone who wishes to run a small business alongside trading. This package is in a private area set aside from the rest of the trading desks and includes a four screen computer set up, a private TV, printer, storage, private phone line, use of meeting rooms and front of house services.

All members benefit from on-going support, regular social events, various news streams, squawk box and even online trade chat on the days you cannot get to the office.

Now with a group of traders who are very happy with the services provided at the Forex Trading Floors, our membership is growing every month (view our testimonials). We are so sure that you will enjoy the trading academy experience we are offering all traders interesting in joining a free trader day, to come and trade alongside us. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the other traders and see yourself how a trading community can benefit your trading!

We look forward to welcoming you to the trading academy. To arrange a visit or free trading day please call 01277 232223 or email

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