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Along with popular decisions made by the chief executive at Yahoo! such as free food in the canteen, every member of staff getting iPhones and the abolishment of compulsory gym inductions, Marissa Mayer is cutting down on employees working from home.

Yahoo! staff have been told they need to 'be one Yahoo!, and that starts being physically together'. Their head of human resources Jackie Rees also informed employees that 'to become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important'. Now although Forex Trading Floors are not promising all their members free iPhones we do believe that Mayer and Rees are on to something. Rees carried on to say, 'some of the best decisions and insights come from a hallway or cafeteria discussions, meeting new people and impromptu team meetings.'

This is true of trading as well. Most professional traders say that it takes two years of learning the ropes before you can start to make money from the markets. However, would this be much quicker if you were sitting next to professional traders all day, every day? If you were to do this amount of time with a professional via coaching or courses, it would cost you a fortune however at the trading floors this valuable learning strategy is included in the membership.

As a beginner how can you justify spending thousands of pounds a month learning to trade? At the trading floors we understand this and have created the perfect learning environment at a fraction of the cost. There is no secret to why we make sure our members get value from their membership. It's simple, happy people talk and attract more people to join as members. Therefore, by keeping traders happy, we have more members, the environment continues to improve and inevitably our members benefit.

We agree with Rees when she says that the best decisions and insights come from chance meetings therefore we regularly organise trader socials for both members and non-members. These relaxed evenings in a local venue are the perfect opportunity for traders to chat about their trading styles and pick up on some new tips and information.


We believe that the whole Forex Trading Floors experience enhances your trading. Therefore you can read every trading book that is out there, take every course available and still not advance. The bottom line is, people are designed to be in close proximity with other people. Working from home takes a lot of dedication and can often be lonely and boring. You need something to break up your day as well as someone to learn from. Take the next step in enhancing your trading today and arrange to visit Forex Trading Floors by email

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