Forex Trading - Where to Start


The high street seems to have more fatalities each week with stores such as HMV, Blockbuster, Comet and Jessops falling victim to online retailers. However in a market place that is ever more leaning towards online goods, are concepts that worked 20 years ago plausible? Technology is increasing and so is online wealth, entrepreneurs across the country are realising this and many are learning how to trade the foreign exchange market (FX). The FX market is worth an estimated £3.98 trillion per day traded and is continuously growing.

I find myself asking why didn't Jessops, Blockbuster, Comet and HMV reinvent themselves to keep up with the times, but then I also ask why so many people hate their jobs they are in and don't do anything about it! I guess that until people are forced by certain events such as redundancy they do not act but just plod along. Smart people are getting ahead of the game and embracing the options that are available to them.

With it becoming easier to make money online and with continuously advancing technology, trading the financial markets is ready and waiting for anybody, with an internet connection to obtain financial freedom.

Now is the time to become your own boss and gain financial independence! Have the freedom to work the hours that suit you, dictate when you take holidays and for how long and know that each year you will receive a pay rise.

Trading the financial markets can give you all of the above and luckily with retail trading becoming bigger and bigger there are plenty of establishments where you can learn how to do this. However, as with everything there are always a few sharks in the water so make sure when you're looking to learn how to trade you do the following;

 1. Visit the trading school/college

2. Ask other clients what they think of their experience

3. Make sure that the class size is no bigger than 20

4. Speak to the coach, make sure you can relate to him and check that he is going to be about to mentor you.

5. Research brokers thoroughly and make sure that you are getting the best spread you can

6. Learn about various platforms on offer before attending as many courses may try and get you to buy software you don't need.

7. Learn the basics (online for free or email for a free starter pack) such as what a pip is before you attend a course so that it all sinks in a lot faster.

8. Finally and most import ensure that there is on-going support after you have completed the course.

 Trading is an exciting journey where the destination is completely in your hands. It's time to decide where you want to go rather than sitting on the fence and letting fantastic opportunities such as this pass you by. Forex Trading Floors, based in Brentwood Essex is a brilliant place to start. With expert coaches offering one-to-one coaching, where you can learn at the pace that suits you with real life traders.

Get started now by emailing for your free starter pack. Prepare for the journey ahead of you!


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