Testimonials From Members

Dave Sach Came to One of Our Open Day and has started one of our courses.

I have spent the day at the trading floor to meet the team and other traders. Friendly relaxed atmosphere and everyone willing to help.

My deposit is paid for training and start on 06th Jan 2014, looking forward to getting involved. 
I will update my review in the the next few months once I have settled in. 

Lee O'Sullivan came along for a free trader day and does one-to-one coaching around his full time job.

"Thank you to everyone at the Forex Trading Floors for giving me the opportunity to spend the day at your offices and making me feel so welcome. The whole team there combines to create a great working

environment which is both professional and relaxed, the trading floor itself is spacious and modern and with different levels of desk arrangements all with high spec equipment. My particular thanks to James Huckle who was extremely helpful with his advice and guidance and after spending the day with the guys that gave me a great insight in to a trading floor and I can tell instantly this isn't just an excellent trading floor for beginners like me but would very much suit experienced traders looking for a great place to work outside of London. I'm very much looking forward to continuing my learning with the coaches. Thanks again to everyone".

Luke Hagger completed the fourteen hour course and now trades full time at Forex Trading Floors.

"I left school and didn't really know what I wanted to do, so after attending an open evening at the Forex

Trading Floors I decided to give it a go.I did the course with one of their trader coachs, the fourteen hours were completed over five days giving me great value for money. I became a member on the 'Trader' package but upgraded to the three screen set up when I decided to turn trading into my full time occupation. There have been up and down moments but is reassuring to be amongst professional traders making money from Forex on a daily basis.

Trading can sometimes be incredibly frustrating however I know that once I master it I will be able to make more money than in any other career in an equivalent time frame."

Keith Mitchell took the Forex course with James Huckle

"Before I started trading Forex I was a property developer and landlord. I was attracted to Forex as I wanted the option to be able to work anywhere in the world  and to get a good return on investement. The best things about the trading floors is that the people are friendly and helpul and always ready to give you advice. Your taught different strategies and you have on-going support and input from traders on the floor You trade alongside experienced traders who are always very helpful. Great course, worth doing" 

Richard Humphreys joined the trading floors on the 'Trader' package

"Immediately I found the trading floor a very welcoming and friendly environment. It is a great opportunity to trade with like minded people, some with little experience and others who are very experienced and successful. The experienced guys are always happy to help and the general attitude on the floor is to aid and promote individuals success. I have learned lots about the market place and this has had a positive impact on my own trading success. If you are serious about trading then I strongly recommend becoming part of Forex Trading Floors."

Joe Marston Joined on Advanced Package

Having traded FX for a number of years at.

A number of Banks and Brokers, it was satisfying to come to Forex Trading floors and see a very professional set up.

I trade every day and am pleased there are other like minded traders here. The atmosphere is great and everyone is willing to help each other.

Nathan Farrugia has started the Course and is now a full time member

" I had just finished my A Levels in July and ended up unemployed and was looking for a career path. A family member told me about the Trading Floors, so I thought it was worth doing the course and joining the trading floors to gain some experience in this field. I have covered the basics of trading so far. I like the fact that everyone is really friendly and that I have met new people. You trade alongside experienced traders who are always there to support you"

Dave Sach

What attracted me to Forex was that I had been on a free seminar recently and I felt that it was a well rehearsed sales pitch and not for the benefit of the individual trader and then saw an advert in The Network Magazine for Forex and made the call.

I met up with Andy and Michelle and was impressed with the friendly atmosphere and the focus on training and helping people new to trading like me.

The best aspects of the course was the one to one coaching with a very informative and well laid out training programme, in a real trading enviroment.

It covered all aspects of trading including risk management, strategies and psychology.

Help within the trading floor is available on a daily basis after the initial training.

Brian Fisher (Retired) is on the Professional Trader Package

"It wasn't untill I attended an open evening at the Forex Trading Floors that I realised what facilities it had to offer. I have found that I can discuss with like minded traders their strategies and the impact of the day's fundamentals on the market. This clearly created a new dimension; I was meeting people that where doing exactly what I wanted to do which was to make money."

James Parker Trading Floor Chat  (Online Webinar)

 I have really been enjoying the chat room. It's nice to have people talking about the markets and trading whilst I'm trading. I am learning quite a bit from the room and would love to join the trading floors.

David Clark attended a Forex Trading Floors social event and free trader day.

"I did not know what to expect before attending the social event but guessed that it would be someone trying to sell me training package. I arrived at the Forex Trading Floors social event (late). I couldn't see anything that resembled what I had expecting. After asking the bar staff I was guided to a reserved area in a packed pub. On my enquiry with a gentleman at the table Andy introduced himself, he gave me a glass of wine and I got chatting to him and a couple of others. He was offering a complimentary day at the dealing floor in Brentwood with the option to sign up for month by month membership at the dealing floor.

On arrival at the trading floor Andy showed me how to download a trading platform and after some teething problems getting in (platforms fault not Andy's), I was soon running a demo account. I have had spread betting experience in shares but was new to Forex. Andy went through the platform showing me how to calculate a bet in Lots and the value of Pips and it wasn't long before I placed my first trade.

I learnt some key information on trading and after pulling on too many trades, I still have a lot to learn. With Andy and the other dealers help I am sure I could become a successful trader. I intend to trade with Andy in the immediate future."

James Huckle joined the trading floor on the 'Trader' package in March 2013.

At the Forex Trading Floors I have met like-minded people who are making a living from the markets. They are all using a diverse of strategies and happy to share ideas, so there's a great atmosphere on the trading floor even when the markets are quite. It's been a huge improvement from the solitude of home trading, and has helped me improve on my own trading no end.





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