Rules of the Forex Trading Floors

1.All members and their guests must be at least 18 years old. All members and their guests must have   suitable ID to enable entry and use of Forex Trading Floors’ Ltd facilities

2. Guest passes are charged at £20 per day and can only be used by each individual guest to a maximum of three times.

3. It is a member’s responsibility to inform Forex Trading Floors Ltd of any change of contact/address details.

4. Members or guests must wear smart casual clothing at all times whilst on the premises. Ripped or bleached jeans and open toe sandals/flip flops are not acceptable on the trading floors.

5. Forex Trading Floors Ltd does not accept any form of threatening or abusive behaviour towards members, guests or staff. Members will be held responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

6. Every member and guest must comply with the reasonable instructions of staff in the interests of health and safety and maintaining smooth running of the trading floors.

7. Members are not permitted to give personal instruction to others for financial gain.

8. Only coaches approved by the management may use the trading floor for education.

9. No Member should sell their products, education or other services/products to other Members. If a Member is found to be doing the fore mentioned their membership will be instantly terminated without a refund.

10. Facilities and services may vary at the discretion of the management.

11. Members and their guests must accept responsibility for their personal property whilst on the premises and Forex Trading Floors Ltd shall not be liable for any loss damage or theft of personal property belonging to any member or any guest of a member occurring on the premises whether such property is left in lockers provided for the use of members and their guests and notwithstanding that payment or other consideration is made for such use.

12. Members and their guests must exercise due care when using the facilities and/or equipment so as to avoid injury to themselves and others using the trading floor. Forex Trading Floors Ltd shall not be responsible for any injury occurring on the premises whether because of the use or misuse of the facilities and/or equipment provided by them or otherwise in the absence of negligence on the part of Forex Trading Floors Ltd their employees and/or agents.

13. Forex Trading Floors Ltd reserves the right to vary these Rules on not less than 7 days’ notice to members. Notice of any variation will be validly given to members if posted in a prominent position in the premises.

14. All members and their guests agree to abide by the Rules as posted in the Club and on the web-site www. A copy of the Rules is available for members if requested. In the event of any dispute as to the meaning of the Rules the Managing Director’s reasonable interpretation of the Rules is final.

15. All members must respect their fellow members by ensuring that a working environment is upheld in the Forex Trading Floors Ltd at all times.

16. Members who are wearing headphones must not be disturbed except under extreme circumstances.

17. For protection of the environment the speed limit on gravel track is 10mph.

18. The gardens of the Main House and Bungalow are out of bounds.

19. If you plan to come to the trading floor outside of the trading floor opening hours (06:30 am 18:00) please advise a member of staff.

20. Please park on the disused tennis court or in the Parking area.

21. Please do not feed the dogs.

22. In the interest of safety do not enter the industrial warehouse area of The Lunch Box UK Ltd.

23. Playing of music on the trading floor is not allowed.

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